Friday, February 17, 2012

Chamber Designs

I'm trying to decided what/if my next chamber will be. Should it be purely self-pressurized like the first one? Or should I pressurize the propane to get Pc and therefore Isp and thrust/weight up a bit? Should it be about the same thrust level as the first at 5 kgf? Or should I go for more like 10 kgf or even 20 kgf?

Here is a picture of my design for essentially the same specs as V1, just refined for improved cooling and manufacturing.

Here is a derivative of the above design for a chamber pressure of 200 psi and thrust of 20 kgf.


jacob.chancery said...

I say up the thrust to 10kg but keep the self-pressurizing propellants. I just like things to be simpler.

Wolfkeeper said...

I realised a while back, a plastic rocket should be possible to make.

You would think that it would melt, but phenolic polymers have a long and distinguished history in rocketry.

Adding some carbon or glass fibers into the plastic should give you perfectly sufficient strength.