Friday, February 17, 2012

Chamber Designs

I'm trying to decided what/if my next chamber will be. Should it be purely self-pressurized like the first one? Or should I pressurize the propane to get Pc and therefore Isp and thrust/weight up a bit? Should it be about the same thrust level as the first at 5 kgf? Or should I go for more like 10 kgf or even 20 kgf?

Here is a picture of my design for essentially the same specs as V1, just refined for improved cooling and manufacturing.

Here is a derivative of the above design for a chamber pressure of 200 psi and thrust of 20 kgf.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

DMLS Rocket "Group Buy"?

I'm finishing up design modifications to my DMLS printed chamber:

I am planning to have the latest version printed sometime in the next few weeks - there are a few minor tweaks and improvements over the original which worked quite well.

There is a significant price reduction per unit when ordering more than one part, so if people are interested, it makes sense to buy more than one. Depending on the number of units, the price could be around half what it costs to make a single part. The price would be in the very low 4 digit range.

If you're interested, per the specs on the website above, drop me an email (i n f o at If I get a few responses, I'll do some homework and send out an email with more details to those who expressed interest.