Monday, June 23, 2014

A bigger valve

Here is a larger version of an actuated valve assembly.   The first version is based around a 1/4" Swagelok valve (SS-4P4T).  This version mates a 3/8" SwageLok 1/4 turn plug valve (SS-6P6T or B-6P6T) to a Hitec Standard size servo.

There are two printed parts:

Shaft Coupler -
Yoke -

These are the fasteners needed:

qty 4      8-32 x 1/2"" Socket Head Cap Screw, McMaster-Carr 92196A194 
qty 4      #8 Flat Washer, McMaster-Carr 96659A103
qty 2      4-40 x 1.75" Socket Head Cap Screw, McMaster-Carr 92185A128 
qty 2       #4 Flat Washer, McMaster-Carr 96659A101