Saturday, June 11, 2011

No Testing Yet

Everything is ready to go on the stand - all the instrumentation is connected and checked out - I just haven't made the time to buy another nitrous bottle and test. I'm measuring the following in this setup:

N2O supply pressure
Propane supply pressure
Regen jacket pressure
Regen jacket temperature
Chamber pressure
Oxidizer flow rate

I have a flow meter installed on the fuel side, but the flow rate will be too small for the meter. I'd love to measure fuel flow as well, if some one has a 0-1 gpm turbine meter that they're not using...

The injector for this chamber is a pintle configuration based upon the design I showed in previous posts. I had a local shop EDM the 8 0.014" injector holes in 1/8" instrument tube and then pinched off the end of the tube.

This is a picture taken through a microscope showing the EDM holes. The price was extremely reasonable - drop me a line if you interested having some small hole EDM work done.

Hopefully I'll be able to do some limited ignition testing soon.