Sunday, December 11, 2011

Update - Throttling the DMLS

Just a short note - I tested the DMLS chamber in the throttling configuration. All the previous tests were with on/off solenoid valves. Thrust level reached approximately 80% before the test was stopped when the stand started rolling.


. said...

Really, really good :) . Unbelievable results on a very XXI century approach!

Tell us more data, that would be very interesting.

Andrew said...

How do you throttle it? Do you change the regulator pressures on your propane and NOS tanks or are you using those servo actuated ball valves you made a while back?

Rocket Dude said...

Throttling is via an actuated valve. I don't use pressurized propellant tanks - the tanks are at the vapor pressure of the fluid (~135 psi for propane and ~750 psi for N2O)