Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Valves (again!)

I have developed a direct drive version of the valve I've been using. It was used in my last testing which was described in the previous post.

The packaging comes out quite nicely. They have several advantages to the linkage actuated version - this will be my go forward design.

Along those lines, I have been wondering if there are people out there that might like to buy a pre-made valve like this one. It was actually more of a pain to build than I thought it would be and personally, I prefer to spend my time building rockets rather than various peripheral devices.

Here are some of the relevant details:

  • CV of 1.6 and is rated for 1.6 gpm of flow at 1 psi delta and 5.1 gpm at 10 psi
  • rated to 3000 psi
  • can throttle fairly well and has fast response (as can be seen on this blog)
  • o-ring sealed and can be compatible with most non-cryogenic propellants, including hydrocarbons and hydrogen peroxide
  • the servo would be a Hitec digital servo with titanium gears (6.0V or 7.2V input)

If you're interested in buying a valve like this, drop me an email.


ryanw said...

Hi there,
i'm interested in buying some of these valves, do you make them in 1/8" as well?
my email is ryan.weed@teamfrednet.org

Robson said...

Hi. I'm needing one valve of this type, that can work about 1000PSI, and be compatible with criogenic oxidizer (LOx). Do you have this kind of valve? How much it is?
If is possible, write for me robson.hahn@gmail.com
Thank you!!!

tredude said...

Hey mate,

I am very interesting in buying one of your valves, my email is t.cross@griffith.edu.au, hope to hear from you soon!